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What Is The Meaning Of As Per Agreement

For example, the quantities of mineral and organic fertilizers and the corresponding application periods were adjusted as inputs into the model based on measures obtained by farmers in accordance with the agreement with TTV, as explained above. Why is it so strange? I looked a little in the OED using « as per » (odd in itself for the combination of two prepositions). It was first used in 1869 as a form of « slang » « as usual » of itself. But I came across an entry that has a similar meaning to what they are looking for here: « by. » Yes, I love the jargon… Like what you`re doing now. Plus, as pro is redundant. Per, without aces, conveys the same meaning. And in some cases, as alone would work as well as for, especially with the common phrase as usual – for example: after all, the British withdrew in accordance with the agreements of the Treaty of Paris (1763). considering that there would be another one depending on its importance. Under the previous agreement, Hero Honda was not allowed to export bicycles. [mydigitalfc.com] « As per » is often used in legal discussions, for example. B on contracts. For example, « according to Section 4, Section 8… » and this has a different meaning than « According to Article 4, Section 8… » Under the agreement with the Air Force, biomedical research cannot be carried out on animals.

In 2005, Bougainville voters elected their own parliament, according to an agreement reached in 2003. A solid case could be that the first could also be « For the prognosis it will rain this afternoon »,with the difference in prosody; I`m inclined to agree – but the second sense can`t be with « As per… In trying to do so, Old Mother Hubbard is sadder. Here, per could be removed without loss of meaning. Among the meanings for per preposition, wiktionary.org contains by means afterwards, so you can indeed say « according to our agreement, you must… ». The one as in your first sentence is pleonastic, and sounds affected: I would avoid it. The very common « as usual » is a humorous prolixity. If you take Wiktionary as a guide, you can use both forms with little difference in the sense, but I think some people will object to such use of per and others to such use as par.

I withdraw my remarks, because it does not make perfect sense to read them again to respond to your remark.

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