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Victorian Public Health Sector (General Dentists) Enterprise Agreement

We continued the EBA negotiations for dental practitioners in the Community for more than two years and two EEFs, which cover only seven out of 18 communal health centres, were submitted to the Fair Work Commission in January and March 2019. The Victorian health sector employs more than 80,000 full-time equivalents. These include doctors, nurses and midwives, medical scientists, allied nurses, technicians, administrative and office staff, engineers, catering staff, cleaners, gardeners and other workers at more than 100 sites in the state. Public sector members who have questions about their rights at the EBA are encouraged to review the above FAQs and discuss the issue with their employer. If your application is not resolved, please contact the ADAVB Policy and Research Team for a discussion: ph: 03 8825 4600, e: advocacy@adavb.org. In 2016, ADAVB and Professionals Australia (PA) created an alliance to help dentists in municipal clinics find fairer working conditions. At the time, Public Dentists in Victoria received up to 40 per cent less than their intergovernmental counterparts. During this campaign, the ADAVB and the PA helped municipal clinic dentists achieve a fair outcome in their negotiations with their employers and sought comparative terms of employment for inpatient dentists. « Enterprise agreements » (or enterprise bargaining agreements) are enterprise-level agreements between the employer and the worker on the terms of employment. The terms and conditions of employment of Victorian public health workers are generally set in collective bargaining. We encourage members of the public sector to become familiar with the demands of the new EBA. See FAQs below: While each Victorian public health service is a full-fledged employer, many groups of workers (. B for example, nurses and midwives or doctors) will hold negotiations on business bargaining on a national basis, with the support of the representative of the public health industry (the Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association) with the relevant unions.

Victorian enterprise agreements for public dentists, public dentists and public dentists in training expired on June 30, 2017. The next phase of the EBA campaign, which began in 2017, has focused on EBA negotiations to achieve a single outcome for all public sector dentists and dentists, wherever they work. In June 2018, thanks to this effective measure, an agreement in principle was reached for dentists and dentists in public hospitals.

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