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The Ottawa Hospital Ona Collective Agreement

The Adjudicator also found that RNs who, in rare cases, perform orderly functions were authorized by the collective agreement and did not « undermine » the bargaining unit, but the formal assignment of a significant number of tasks normally performed by CUPE members went too far. It was also normal to assign tasks to rpNs, since section 11.01 « protects work, not the work of a certain classification. » Bill 195 allows the Ford government to maintain a state of emergency and end collective agreements and workers` rights. The arbitrator upheld the complaint, but decided not to object to damages on the basis of the hospital`s « well-intentioned decisions on how to award the work. » Instead, the arbitrator declared a violation of the collective agreement and ordered the hospital to be given ordered obligations to members of the CUPE bargaining unit. The Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) says Bill, in particular, discriminates 124 women-dominated professions and violates the right to free collective bargaining in violation of their charter rights. The ONA represents more than 68,000 registered nurses and medical professionals, as well as 18,000 subsidiaries of nursing students who are cared for in hospitals, long-term care centers, public health, municipality, clinics and industry. In a recent decision for nurses and members of the hospital sector, an arbitrator said that his hands were tied by the bill when it came to determining monetary issues for these front-line employees. Pensions are higher than HOOPP. Most places in Ontario are with them, so if you`re in another hospital, they keep falling, as depends on where you work. At the Ottawa hospital, we start at 3 weeks a year.

After 5 years of service, I am at 4 weeks. However, the granting of leave is based on seniority and can be a real pain depending on the workplace. If you want to work in the cities of the East End Hospital (Montfort), French is an asset. Not sure it`s absolutely necessary, but everyone I know speaks French. I am AN RN at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus. Do nurses work most of their careers or does age come with a more accurate schedule? How are Stat parties managed with the deferral? The hours depend on where you work. I work shift work, 12 hours of days and nights. I have friends who work eight hours from Monday to Friday. The union objected to this approach because some of the ordered tasks were entrusted to the RNs – who were members of various collective agreement units, the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) – in violation of the collective agreement. This was not a problem for all the tasks assigned to the NPPs who were CUPE members. In 2016, the hospital revised its « Skill Mix » to improve safety, quality of care, staff retention and cost-effectiveness.

It decided to eliminate or reduce the number of positions in several programs, which led to the relocation of normally ordered tasks – such as redundancy and admission assistance, direct support to clients and support for clients and nurses for routine tasks – to NNPs and NPPs who sometimes performed orderly tasks when needed. , while some had never been made by RN.

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