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Sound And Light Contracting Agreement

12. REPOSSESSION: if you are late in any of the conditions mentioned above or if you pay rent, sale or other payment in a timely manner, or if an execution or other procedure or procedure is pursued against you in connection with an action or procedure, which may be seized or seized or held, or if a bankruptcy proceedings are pursued , bankruptcy or insolvency is brought against You or your property. , or if you enter into an agreement or composition with your creditors or if a judgment is reached against you, LSC has the right to terminate the contract and take possession of that equipment immediately and, for this purpose, LSC, its representatives or collaborators, may enter all premises where that equipment may be. , and can remove the same thing, with or without violence and with or without notice, repeat the same thing without being held responsible for an action, an act or other procedure. 3. CONFIRMATION: This event can be confirmed by the return of a contract signed for LSC in order to ratify with the surety. Electronic and facsimile signatures are accepted as original signatures and are part of the entire agreement. 5. MODIFICATIONS AND ADDITIONS: Amendments are dealt with in a separate document and must be signed and accepted by both parties. The LSC crew and LSC personnel reserve the right to make changes to the way a specific task is performed without actually altering the scope of the work, it is up to LSC and its collaborators to decide on the correct installation method and to decide which equipment will be used to complete the work volume in accordance with this project.

If LSC is unable to use some or part of the equipment listed or requires additional equipment, no additional money will be charged to the customer and the customer will not be reimbursed for on-site devices that are not in use. LSC reserves the right to make changes to the list of devices used or LSC reserves the right to use devices that are not included in the offer. LSC also reserves the right to make changes to the specific elements used to complete the task. Please note that some items on the contract equipment list are not used, but are listed as tracking if items are needed. Additional equipment is packed with each order In case of changes that will be made to accomplish the task. The price remains the same, regardless of what is used or unused. The client is responsible for the provision of all the parts necessary for the completion of the event project, unless otherwise stated in the contract. No refund is granted for contract goods that remain incomplete due to insufficient power or power outages. 6. CANCELLATION AND SERVICES CHARGES: a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the total contract amount applies when a confirmed event is cancelled with a delay of less than 30 days; Less than 7 days` notice are charged a cancellation fee equal to 50%.

Cancellation of event or production services less than 72 hours prior to the event date results in the cancellation of all deposits and additional reintroduction costs, including equipment rental fees, may be incurred. The reintroduction fee is based on the total cost already incurred by LSC, including the work required to rebuild equipment already prepared for the event. For major events, additional cancellation fees may be incurred at LSC`s discretion. For confirmed event services less than 48 hours before the event date, the service fee is charged at 20% for expedited processing and special handling. 13. SECURITY CONDITIONS: The client accepts that LSC, its employees, representatives and contractors retain the exclusive right and exclusive power to terminate or terminate LSC`s obligations in this contract in the event of danger, bad weather or uncertain environment or similar situations, without liability in the event of damage or loss of revenue to customers. ,

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