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Le bloc-notes de Wilfrid Estève // Photographie, écritures interactives et formation

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Learning Agreement Dcu

In addition to applying through one of our many providers around the world, interested students can apply directly to the DCU, as they are registered directly by universities or students from the EU or third countries can attend the DCU for a single semester or a full academic year. Check with your design office to find out if there is an agreement. In the absence of agreement, your coordinator should send an email caroline.magee@dcu.ie Under the usual circumstances, DCU students may choose to study abroad at more than 200 universities and educational institutions in more than 30 countries. As a DCU student, you can spend a semester or a year abroad where there is an agreement with another university in your field. Some partner institutions may benefit from a fee reduction – Interested direct writing students should ask Cordinator to study at university abroad to contact caroline.magee@dcu.ie to follow an agreement (if there is no agreement between your college/DCU and if you wish to apply for the program, you can benefit from a reduced fee). For more information on current and past agreements with other institutions, visit the Institutional Linkages database (only DCU employees). You can study abroad where there is an agreement with another university in your field. If you would like to study as an exchange student at the DCU, use the above information to determine if we have an agreement with your university. If we do, you can apply by first applying to the International Office of your home university. If your university is not mentioned above, you should apply for our studies abroad independently. « I was an Erasmus student who spent my year abroad in Berlin for the year.

It was so great to be immersed in a different culture and way of life. It was amazing to see how the teaching and learning situation unfolded in Berlin. The year abroad opened my eyes to a new way of life. It was one of the best decisions of all time, and I am very happy to have been part of it. Mobility within the European Union – The European Study Address Accounting System (ECTS system) We recommend applying before the deadline if students apply for dCU On Campus Accommodation. The deadlines are as follows: the EEA grants students in exchange from the EU to cover the additional costs of studying abroad. This should not be taken into account for the cost of living. Note: The study team registers students for their module selection, so you don`t need to register on arrival. However, their website will give details on exams, past exams, rules and regs, etc. – check if you have the time.

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