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Afscme 13 Union Agreement

The IRS requires that the unions` 990 tax returns be a public document, and these can be found online on sites like this one. AFSCME 13 reported using employer identification number UN 23-7250572 An interim agreement was reached on 30 May after months of negotiations between union representatives and Commonwealth officials. The State Policy Committee of Council 13 unanimously approved the agreement. Pennsylvania is just the latest jurisdiction in which state employees have succeeded – a testament to the resilience and value of unions. Fillman said the number of government employees has declined by about 8% over the past 20 years and that employees are providing higher value than ever before, and he noted that unions continue to work with the governor`s office to improve processes and customer service. AFSCME is the largest of the unions representing state government employees and its contract generally defines the most important conditions for most other collective agreement units. AFSCME represents 33,500 people, or more than 40 per cent of the state`s current labour force. People have many reasons for not wanting to support the union. Some simply do not believe that the services provided by the union are worth the costs. Others may find that the union`s unique agenda does not serve them well because they are new to the world of work, have a specialty that is not recognized in the negotiations, or they think their effectiveness is under-compensated.

Some are dissatisfied with the union`s role in the possibility and defence of underperforming workers. Many find the union`s political activity and the use of levies to advance partisan concerns, candidates and ideologies in poor taste. Still others believe that union officials are corrupt and not responsible for their affiliation. « The pay increases in this four-year contract are significantly higher than in the previous three-year contract, » said Nate Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation. « The new treaty is a clear sign that union leaders who negotiate in secret with a governor to whom they have given more than $4.6 million (in campaign contributions) are a bad deal for taxpayers. All private sector unions and some public sector unions are required to provide financial information in an annual LM-2 report here, the U.S. Dept. lab. AFSCME 13 reported using the work service file number 071-060. The complainant is LuAnn Zeigler, an employee of the Pennsylvania Revenue Department.

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